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Reviews of Bravo Pizza

The Economical Eater

Bravo Pizzeria: Where everybody knows your name


Bravo has great pizza. you can taste all 3 - 4 parts of the pizza, Cheese, Sauce, Dough, and even toppings perfect balance to your taste buds. The Scillian Pizza is absolutely amazing as well the sauce has a hint of garlic (...)


I can't tell you how many times Bravo has saved me from eating something greasy and expensive after show at Harpers. Their cheese slices are next to perfect, I'm craving one just thinking about it, and the service is (...)



This place is great.  I've literally eaten almost everything on their menu and have never been let down.  Keep up the good work.

Matt F.
Cambridge, MA

I absolutely love Bravo and the people who work there. I have been a loyal customer since they opened.  They always take my special orders in stride, and are always willing to go the extra mile (...)

Darcie W.
Boston, MA

I'm giving out 5 stars because I went in here for some typical "drunk" pizza after a night next door at Harpers Ferry and I was surprised to find that this pizza was amazing (...)

Amanda M.
Brighton, MA